‘Activist Court Undermining Canadian Justice’

Another ‘interpretation’ of the Charter by activist judges, yet again undermining the will of Parliament: “The Supreme Court of Canada, the super-legislature to which Canadian politicians have outsourced their moral judgment.”

‘Bypassing The Canada Gazette’

“Skipping publication in the ‘Canada Gazette’ dispenses with a time-honoured procedural safeguard that allows these decisions to be known to both Parliament and the public. If regulations aren’t published in the Gazette, they’re still valid. But they’re also in violation of the democratic principle that all laws must be knowable to the public. Violating that …

‘Supreme Court Playing Politics Again’

The unaccountable, political activist lawyer-judges on the Supreme Court of Canada are at it again: “The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Government of Canada is fully within its jurisdiction to impose a carbon tax on provinces, even if the duly-elected governments of those provinces oppose the imposition of such a tax. “Their rationale? …

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