‘Activist Court Undermining Canadian Justice’

Another ‘interpretation’ of the Charter by activist judges, yet again undermining the will of Parliament: “The Supreme Court of Canada, the super-legislature to which Canadian politicians have outsourced their moral judgment.”

‘Feds Trying To Grab More Power’

‘Another flaw in Canada’s governance’ Given that the Prime Minister appoints the lawyer/judges of the Supreme Court of Canada, the odds are that the Court will continue its policy of siding with the federal government, regardless of the Constitutional merits of the case: 

‘The Charter Is A Trojan Horse’

The Charter is a Trojan Horse. What else would you expect from Pierre Trudeau? First off, there is the “reasonable limits” clause in the very first section – that’s “reasonable limits” as defined by unaccountable, politically-appointed judges. It’s deliberately written in an open-ended fashion so as to allow the manipulation of our so-called ‘rights’.

‘Province Still Ignoring The Constitution’

These interprovincial roadblocks are a clear and flagrant violation of the Canadian Constitution {See below}…    “With some exceptions, people are not allowed to cross the Quebec border into New Brunswick during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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